No Strings Attached - Teaching Studio

Bob taught orchestral string instruments, (also woodwind brass and percussion), for Education Queensland in a number of primary and secondary schools in Rockhampton and at the Capricorn Coast for more than 15 years. He has been a part-time lecturer for the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Central Queensland University, has taught for Emmaus College, The Rockhampton Grammar School, The Cathedral College and The Gladstone Christian School at various times. Bob teaches a range of instruments in his private practice, “No Strings Attached”.

Bob is available for private lessons, principally orchestral string instruments- Violin, Viola, 'Cello and Double Bass, in Rockhampton. Lessons on other instruments may be arranged.

Students from beginner to advanced, and of any age are catered for, particularly adult beginners!


For more information or to make a booking or enquiry, please email Bob using the contact page.

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